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Tuscan Style

Tuscan Style

Loved by the style conscious worldwide, Tuscan style can be easily incorporated into todayÂ’s Spanish homes.

If I said that Florence is in Tuscany it might give a clearer picture of the type of style we are talking about. Tuscany is one of the most romantic regions of Italy, many known personalities and famous actors have a house on the Tuscanian coast.

It is the home of the ancient Etruscans and the style is a reminder of the many original antiquities found or excavated within the region. From ancient Roman times, people moved to the beautiful hills of central Italy to remove themselves from city life, escape the intrigue of politics, and embrace the idealized culture of the country.

The Tuscan style is inspired by the elements of nature. Old stone walls, intricate wrought iron accessories, sun-washed hillsides, rustic stone farmhouses, marble flooring and sturdy hardwood furniture are just some of the wonderful elements of this decorative style.
Tuscany is a colourful country and that reflects in the brightness and vibrancy of its houses. This doesnÂ’t mean that you should rush out and buy bright red paint, because you will still need to keep within a natural theme, even a bright white can make the house look alive and vibrant.

However, for best results it is always best to go for warm coffee colours or any yellow hue. Try not to use a bright yellow but perhaps a more sedate, golden or butter yellow. Any colours which make the house look alive and bursting with warmth and charm are definitely recommended.


Of course, if you do not live in Tuscany, you canÂ’t really copy the old stone walls which appear everywhere in that beautiful part of Italy, however you can adapt the style and bring that stone look inside in a number of ways.

One example is using a stone built work unit in the kitchen, the choice of natural stone building materials available in Spain is good as well as inexpensive and Spanish homes lend themselves well to stone furnishings.

Marble floors are also recommended for the kitchen indeed many Spanish homes are lucky enough to have this type of floor already laid. Marble will bring a natural feel into the home and is a crucial part of Tuscan style. The bathroom is also a great place where to have stone decoration. Stone can apply to walls or floor or both.

If you cannot do anything as drastic as changing the tiles or the floors then why not consider changing the fireplace, if you have one? There are so many different styles of stone fireplaces available, that it is one of the easiest ways to add a little Tuscan decorating flair to the home.

Remember that there are various different types of stone so it should be easy to incorporate the look into your home. You can choose from granite, marble or even limestone, all of which can be easily found in most buildersÂ’ suppliers offering kitchens and bathrooms for sale. Overall, adding a Tuscan feel to the home is easy. It could be described as shabby-chic and, by adding vibrant coloured soft furnishings to neutral walls and floors; you will be half way to achieving that look of effortlessly.    

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