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Flaherty's Bar & Grill - Do You Know ?

Flaherty's Bar & Grill - Do You Know ?

If you do, win a free Traditional Irish Sunday Roast with a bottle of wine for TWO persons at FlahertyÂ’s Irish Restaurant at the Puerto Deportivo in Sotogrande. Send your answer by the 5th April 2007 to or Fax to 952 893 146. The first name drawn will be declared the winner.

1.   Who had “the face that launched a thousand ships”?

2.   Which great jazz musician had the nickname “Satchmo”?

3.   Lewis Carroll, the author of Alice in Wonderland, was actually Charles
      Lutwidge Dodgson, an Oxford University lecturer in what field?

4.   In the days of chivalry, when a knight referred to his “destrier” and a
      lady to her “palfrey”, what were they both talking about? 


Last monthÂ’s answers:

1. The Dakotas
2. Dire Straits
3. Ray Stevens
4. The Rolling Stones

Last month’s winner: Amanda – Puerto Banus

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