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Real Personís Story

Real Person’s Story

John Brierly - Moved to the Costa del Sol in June 2005 with his wife Jackie and 3 children, all boys aged 8, 12 and 13.

The family moved to the Costa to improve the quality of their life. ¬ďPeople who move to the Costa often fall into the trap of drinking and eating too much and generally not finding something to focus on in their spare time. You can always find time if you plan properly!¬Ē says John.  He came here for the same reasons as most people, sun, sea and sand but for somebody who loves sport this is a paradise. Not only can you choose from many of the different water and land sports, you also have all the beautiful scenery to do it in.

John has always worked with Universities and Consultancy Companies. He is very well known and well respected back in the UK. If you take a peek at his website ( you will see for yourself that John¬ís fame precedes him.
Nicky Butt (Newcastle United Football Club and England), Steve Bruce (Manager, Birmingham City Football Club), John Lyall (Manager, West Ham United Football Club), Tony Banks MP (Minister for Sport, Department of National Heritage), any many others know him and recommend him.

When he moved to the Costa he did not want to go down the same path and preferred to become a Personal Fitness Trainer. He says that he can achieve a better sense of satisfaction, working closely with individuals as opposed to working for groups or institutions. So the choice was obvious, he set up his own business doing something he is probably over qualified in and absolutely loves doing.



Sports Science ¬Ė science behind sports performance.  As John pointed out this is not only development of the body in your chosen sport but also development of the mind ie confidence, behaviour towards other atheletes, discipline etc.

John and his wife Jackie have bought a beautiful big house in Riviera, Calahonda. Jackie still runs her two ¬ďMontessori¬Ē nursery schools in Wapping and Victoria Park and travels back to England every 6 weeks. For her, fitness and relaxation means roller-skating, which she does quite actively every day. John assured us that her vegetarian recipes are fantastic!

As a family they do not really like Spanish food, mainly because it is usually deep fried, which, at best, is not healthy. However Spain has plenty to offer in the way of fresh vegetables and everything else so it is just a matter of preparing it as one prefers.

In England there are approximately 180 Universities where students can study Sports Science whereas here in Spain there are only 9. Therefore we are privileged to have John living on our doorstep and who is now able to give all his experience to children and adults alike. He can adapt his knowledge of sports science to any sport going and recently even went back to England to help coach somebody who did cart racing.  

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