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The Real Costa del Sol

The Real Costa del Sol

It is high time that someone paid some attention and noticed that there are some “Real People” here on the Costa del Sol.

Unfortunately what sells newspapers are the bad news and the plastic news with the result that you only get to hear about crime and about posers. There are many who come here on the Costa and live in a world of fantasy, believing they are something they are not. They believe it so strongly that others begin to believe it too.

It must have something to do with the fact that, having previously had to live “in their place” back home, once they get here and experience the sun, the vino and the merriments, they start to think they are suddenly part of an “elite” group of people. But that is false, it’s what I call “plastic” and “plastic” media make a living out of this.

One canÂ’t change and become a different person just because some money was raised selling the house back home or raising a second mortgage to come over here and feel entitled to be better than anyone else.

When they realize they have to do something to earn money to pay for their “above means” lifestyle, they start embarking on businesses that they know nothing about just because the money appears to be good. Little do they care that you cannot change from plumber to accountant overnight. 


So what happens on the longer term? When the money looks like running out, some start saying that the Costa is no place to be in, that it is too expensive, that there is too much crime or make up any excuse that will support the fact that they have to go back where they came from. What makes it worse is that they usually do this after running up debts on the strength of their pretence and not paying those that are actually working for their living, thus creating a vicious circle to some extent.

Others, for reasons better known to themselves, cannot go back home, they have no choice but to stay and make a nuisance of themselves other by turning to crime, which you hear about, or lowering their sights and drowning their sorrow in alcohol or other substances, which you also hear about.

Thankfully there are many Real People on the Costa del Sol who do not make the headlines. These are the ones we should hear about! They do come from all types of backgrounds, famous people, simply just retired people who have settled here for the climate and an easier life, but the number of successful, decent, honest, hard working people is on the increase. Some are in business and some work for others and they even seem to make an effort to learn Spanish.

We shall be making the point of reporting and bringing to everyoneÂ’s attention a success story every month and make our own contribution to paint the Costa del Sol as it really is and not as the false newsmakers would have us believe.

Please let us know if you have a success story to tell us about. Call us on 972891773 or e-mail the

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Now THIS is what i wanted to hear!!!

Having decided many, many years ago that i wanted to retire to somewhere warm (don't we ALL dream of that?), I've been lucky enough (though on the back of a struggling economy) to be able to retire "early" at 54. With the steel/tinplate industry problems in the U.K. causing redundancies in West Wales, I've sadly (yeah, RIGHT!!) been "let go". This is something I've been trying to persuade management to do to me for years!! Soooooo!!! On the 13th June '09 my wish comes true!! The Costas of Spain seemed fantastic places for me check out. With access there from Cardiff Airport only a couple of hours, the only down-side was newspaper articles of break-ins to property by Moroccans & poorer local Spanish. This article has helped to put an end to my concerns. Absolutely fabulous to read, having read so much unfounded rubbish in national papers in the U.K. This helps to settle once and for-all where my future lies. You're probably right re the "ex-pats" who think they're somewhat superior to the locals living there, but isn't that what "The Brits Abroad" do?!! Not content to blend in, they'll establish their OWN "Little Britain", with the obvious dismissal of the locals. Yet they'll moan about the influx of others entering the U.K. and doing the same!!! I'm now looking forward to initially renting a property around the Nerja area, before buying into something more on the lines of a townhouse a little more inland......and learning the language AND "fitting in" to THEIR way of life that WE envy so much!!! Until then.....Espero verte pronto!! Rob

Rated: 5/5 (2nd June 2009)

Editor's comments: Thank you for your comments, which are greatly appreciated. I think it is more likely that there are more homes broken into by Moroccans and Rumanians in Britain that on the Costa del Sol. You do not hear much about that!! There is nothing wrong with feeling superior to the locals, because it's very likely that we are. (now am I emphasizing your point?) but what I was referring to are those who think they are superior to existing, hard and honest working ex pats who have been doing for years. These elńements probably envy the well rooted ex pats who, over the years, have toiled to create his own niche.

The Real Costa del Sol

About time that someone has decided to give the good, honest, hard working people some credit. Well done keep it up.

Rated: 5/5 (20th March 2007)

Editor's comments: Thank you very much. It is nice to know that we do something right sometimes.

The Real Costa del Sol

I think this is quite a good article. Let's hope it will encourage foreign residents to become part of the community and to give as well as take, because there are still too many that live here and take all the advantages offered by this land, but make no contribution whatsoever.

Rated: 4/5 (19th March 2007)

Editor's comments: You are right. Let's hope so.

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