Sunday, 9th August 2020

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Darts with a difference!

Darts with a difference!

Last night I had an absolutely fantastic night, says Jane Beale

Last night I had an absolutely fantastic night thanks to Gary and Tracy, the lovely Landlords of Las Palmeras, Sabinillas or more commonly known as “The Beach Bar”.    It all began when a few of the locals started playing darts whilst having their after work drink. As everybody became more practiced at throwing “arrows” it was obvious that they needed to be involved in a real competition against another local bar. Tony and Hev were approached, the lovely Landlords of “Fathoms”, also in Sabinillas and the date was set.

The Web Express Guide decided that it would be a great idea to sponsor the match by providing a trophy which has been named the “Copa de Muppets”, and Tracy decided it would be a great idea if Karen and I should dress as Cheerleaders to spice things up and make the whole thing a bit of fun!


We now had our two teams: Las Palmeras – Gary, Steve, Paul, Bob, Biff and Dave versus Fathoms – Terry, Derek Ray, Killian, Marco and Ron. The evening soon got going with lots of cheering, singing and dancing, Tracy providing us all with some great nibbles. It was a very friendly night and the outcome of it all?  The Las Palmeras team won the “Copa de Muppets” and Marco from Fathoms won the Highest Check, receiving a second cup.

A return match will take place at Fathoms while we are at print, but we shall keep you informed and hopefully this could be the start of a darts mini league. Gary and Tracy are quite happy to help set this up so if you have a darts board in your bar and enough people to make a team give them a call on 662102802. 

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