Tuesday, 7th July 2020

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Smelling of Roses

Smelling of Roses

Englands Footballers and cricketers may constantly dissapoint, but English Rugby can still make us proud

The Rugby World Cup kicks off in September this year and after the predictably, disappointing performance of our national football team during last years UEFA World Cup, it comes as a breath of fresh air for England to be participating in something, we stand a good chance of actually winning. In fact England are the current Rugby World Champions after winning the tournament back in 2003 and therefore go into this years championships, not as the underdogs we have come to expect our football team to be, but as defending heroes.

The first match of the World Cup will be between host nation France and Argentina, on the 7th September 2007 and England’s first game will be held on the following day-8th September, when they take on The USA (I would like to think this game is a forgone conclusion, although, you never can tell!)

Twenty teams will take place in this year’s world cup and they will be allocated to four pools of five teams each. The pool phase will consist of a round robin in which each Team shall play each other Team within the pool once. There shall be 10 Matches played in each pool, for a total of 40 Matches in the pool phase of the Tournament.


 If during the pool stage, teams are tied at fulltime, the Match will be deemed a draw and the respective Match points shall be awarded to each Team.
For quarter final Matches, semi-final Matches, the Bronze Final and the Final, if Teams are tied at fulltime, then the winner shall be determined through the following sequential criteria:

  • i. Extra time - following an interval of 5 minutes, extra time of 10 minutes each way (with an interval of 5 minutes) shall be played.
  • ii. Sudden death - if the scores are tied at the conclusion of extra time, and following an interval of 5 minutes, then a further extra time of 10 minutes maximum shall be played. During this period the first Team to score any points shall be declared the winner (sudden death)
  • iii. Kicking competition - if after this sudden death period no winner can be declared, a kicking competition will be organised between the two teams. The winner of that competition shall be declared the winner of the Match; and if the overall winner turns out to be the English team, well I for one wouldn’t be surprised.

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