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Boosting your energy levels

Boosting your energy levels

Winter can be a drain on the body according to the Europa Health Clinic

In winter many people have problems either waking up early in the morning or working through the whole day. This is down to our individual energy levels. When you wake up in the morning do you feel energized, refreshed and set to get on with your busy day? And are your energy levels high enough to allow you to achieve everything you want or are low energy levels holding you back?

Many people find that the winter can drastically alter their usual amount of energy and we find that the majority of our patients this time of year are suffering from this affliction and need help to boost their stamina. Lack of energy or constant tiredness affects an estimated 70 % of the population. In fact it’s so common, that feeling tired is now considered “normal” and having loads of energy is unusual!

But this isn’t normal, and you shouldn’t just accept feeling less than your best. We can help people of all ages to improve their energy and stamina levels. We at The Europa Health Clinic are working on ways of identifying energy problems and increasing stamina, plus taking action to resolve the issues that drain you.

Below, is an overview of our program for improving your stamina within 2 to 8 weeks.


Step one: How are you losing your energy?
Here are some questions that should help you identify what might be contributing to your fatigue. This is the most important step you can take. Identify the underlying cause and you can resolve it.40

Is stress a factor in your life?
Are you depressed bored or in a relationship or job that you you do not want? Is your job unfulfilling and do you feel stuck in a rut? Which one area of your life would change now if you could?
How is your relationship and do you have any financial worries?

Step two: Take care of your body.
Your body is designed to provide you with the right amount of get and up and go, but only if you take care of it. In a nutshell, this means eating a healthy diet, taking the right supplements, getting regular exercise, keeping hydrated (drink more than two litres water per day) do not smoke, do not drink too much alcohol and try to get enough sleep.
If you answered “yes” for most of “step one” you should seek professional help.

Europa Health Clinic has a psychotherapist to help you work out your life problems and teach you some techniques for helping to remain calm and relaxed in any situation.

The answers you gave for the above questions will help the doctor to diagnose the reasons for your lack of energy.
In winter it is very important to keep up an exercise routine. Walking along the seashore or in the countryside will help maintain oxygen and Vitamin D levels. Try to eat more citrus fruits for Vitamin C and vegetables for Bioflavonoid. Oily fish is especially rich in Omega 3 and lean meat will provide valuable, Vitamin B Complex.

Go easy on things that give you an immediate energy boost, but then drop your energy levels afterwards. These include caffeine drinks, alcohol, sugary confectionary and cakes. If you are over 50 you may need to take supplements recommended by a doctor.� Only with the ASLAN® Original therapies can you achieve a refreshing cure for seasonal energy problems.
For more information on ASLAN® contact: The Europa Health Care Clinic.

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