Thursday, 9th July 2020

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The Big Hill

The Big Hill

A walkers dream by Dick Stutter

Starting point
The multi- storey car park Carrefour Estepona

Distance and grade
20-30 Kms Scary 

Essential equipment
Flip flops, Pakamac, Booths ready made gin & tonics, 2/3 packets Hula Hoops, formal Cocktail dress and pumice stone.

General description
This is a mildly diverting walk of between 20-30 Kms, mainly through poisonous, frog infested mud, but with some sliding rock cliffs to add a bit of excitement. Recommended ages are 18 months to 96 years, although you may need a pushchair for the under 5s

Starting on the top floor of the multi storey car park at Carrefour, an easy jump takes you to the flat roof of The Singing Cockroach public house. Turn 90 degrees to your right and slide down the buildings ancient bougainvillea. About 400 yds in front of you is a 90 year old man called Jose; keeping Jose to your right, pass into the tall field with the upside down plastic chair in the centre. From there, go under the pond and then up and over the top of the trees beyond (use a compass if you wish) this should take you to an opening and from there a leisurely amble across the N340.


The next part of the journey takes in some hard walking, including an over water sprint of approx 500 mts. Walk vertically upwards, then right and finally down again, landing to the left of where you were originally. This tricky manoeuvre takes some practice, but looks great and should be no trouble to the seasoned walker.

You should by now, be in the kitchen of Cortico Mi Culo, make your apologies and leave by the nearest exit (usually the stove) turn left uphill and when the path divides in two, take the righteous fork. The pure of heart will emerge on the hill overlooking Pueblo Cabron; follow the track south and after a couple of days, you should emerge outside The Fetid Mule public house. Reward yourself with one of their celebrated fish paste sandwiches, you’ve earned it!          

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