Wednesday, 27th May 2020

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Thistle Test Ye!

Golf quiz presented by: Ian MacLeod M.P.G.T.G.

Thistle test ye!

Presented by: Ian MacLeod M.P.G.T.G. European Golf Teaching Professional - European Golf Teachers Federation - Professional Golf Teachers Guild


Players A and B hit their balls into the same general area of a lateral water hazard. Both balls are lost in the hazard and therefore it is not known which ball is furthest from the hole. However, B´s ball last crossed the hazard margin further from the hole than A's ball. What is the proper procedure to continue play?

Send answers by e-mail to or by any other written method to reach us by 5th of December. You must provide your address.

The first correct answer to be drawn will be the winner of a voucher for a free 1/2 hr. golf lesson for the winning entrant or nominee.

Last Month's correct answer was: A is required to recreate his original lie as nearly as possible, including the heel mark, and place his ball in that lie.

Last Month’s winner was: Geraldine Mason.


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