Monday, 25th May 2020
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Superb Salmon

Superb Salmon

For once nature has provided us with a healthy food that also tastes good

There is no magic health pill, but if there was, it would certainly list salmon as an ingredient. Studies have established that a diet rich in fish, especially oily fish is beneficial to health. The Omega-3 Fatty Acids, which are classed as ‘healthy’ fat and responsible for benefits such as lowering blood pressure, triglyceride (fat in the blood) levels, and blood clots are abundant in oily fish such as salmon. They are the building blocks of nerve tissue and brain cells, so it is crucial to add them to our diet. Since salmon has a high fat content, it stores more fatty acids in its flesh, therefore providing the most benefits to the consumer.

Healthy diets should therefore include at least one serving of an oily fish per week, to reduce the risk of cardiac arrests and certain cancers. This not only is important for individuals at risk, but also those with a history of heart problems, since it can reduce the risk of arrhythmias or irregular heart beats.

Guidelines indicate that fish high in omega-3s, like salmon, should be consumed at least twice a week (even more if you have a history of heart disease or problems).


Doctors, nutritionists, fitness gurus, and those on a healthy weight-loss diet, should try to include oily fish in their diet.

Today, most nutritionists advise smoked salmon to dieters as a way of avoiding ‘dieters’ guilt’. This is perfect for those following low-carbohydrate diets (such as Atkins), because it is full of proteins and healthy fats.

No one food is magical; every food should be consumed in moderation to be safe, but smoked salmon makes a great alternative to grapefruit if you’re watching your diet, and your health. To maximize the health benefits of smoked salmon, pair it with low-fat cream cheese on a whole wheat bagel for a healthy breakfast. Or slice it over a salad filled with green vegetables and includes capers and chives to bring out the flavour.

So, if you want to live a longer, healthier life, while slashing your risk of heart disease and cancer, it’s a pretty good idea to go for the smoked salmon.

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