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Five easy, Low Cost New Year’s Resolutions

Five easy, Low Cost New YearÂ’s Resolutions

To get more enjoyment out of wine drinking in 2007. Top tips from Alegria Wines

The New Year is the traditional time for resolutions, by which we aim to improve our lives usually starting with one connected to our hangover. All too often they are negative in nature and made in the almost certain knowledge that we will break them. What follows are 5 resolutions that are all positive and even if you only follow one of them it will contribute to an increased pleasure in your wine drinking.

Not the type you need to read the label, but what you drink out of. There is plenty of evidence that shows what you drink out of makes a significant difference to the taste. (Who likes drinking out of plastic?) The ideal wine glass should be tulip shaped and of a reasonable size – about 12 cm from the rim to the bottom of the bowl where the stem starts. They need not be costly and the January sales are a good time to buy them. I like Bermiolli Rocco glasses because they are well made, easy to care for and easy on the pocket. Of course, if money is no object then Reidel glasses are the best.

Often the most impractical implement in the kitchen.
A good corkscrew lessens annoyance, mess and frustration. I would suggest using a ‘waiter’s friend’ style with a double lever action which requires a minimum of practice to become your friend as well.

In general, white wines are served too cold and red wines are served too warm. The ideal temperature for red wine is between 16˚- 18˚C which is when the bottle is cool to the touch. At about 25˚C alcohol starts evaporating from the wine which makes it extremely unpleasant to drink. Good white wine should be allowed 10-15 minutes after being taken out of the fridge before being poured. Fizzy wines should be put in the fridge 12 hours before opening.


EDUCATION, education, education
Start reading about wine and Spanish wines. If you read Brian Murdock’s ‘Spanish Wine: A Pocket Guide’ you will learn all you’ll need to know about Spain’s fantastic wines and you’ll have an easy reference guide when you go shopping or touring. If books aren’t your thing hold a wine tasting in your home and learn about wine with family and friends. Do not be afraid to get the help and advice of a wine merchant – I love wine and want my customers to love it too.

If your budget allows for it, spend a little more on wine even if it is only once a month. Like most things you get what you pay for and if you assume fixed packaging costs (bottle, cork, label etc) then your extra couple of euros is buying better wine.

And finally I would like to wish my readers a Happy New Year and hope that you discover many new and exciting bottles this year.

Cheers! Salud! Prost! Skål! Proost! Santé! Slainte! Kippis!

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