Wednesday, 15th July 2020

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An alternative solution to aches and pains

An alternative solution to aches and pains

Diseases can start with an energy deficiency in the cell, Says Dr. Helga Kistenich of Europa Health Care Clinic

by Helga Kistenich

Powerful magnet therapies, have long made therapeutic claims. Recently however, an Australian magazine investigated and concluded, not enough evidence exists to back up the many claims. Powerful static magnets may block pain signals but with the danger that pain warnings are not heeded, leading to even greater damage.

The BEMER 3000 therapy is quite different; it naturally boosts and balances energy deficiencies by using an exactly dosed pulsating electromagnetic field. It treats the cause, not just the symptom, by effecting self-healing on a cellular level.

Increasing cellular energy is known to improve cellular performance and healing by increasing blood circulation, oxygen saturation, the metabolism, the immune system and other vital processes essential to recover from chronic illnesses, post-operative recovery, wound care, sports performance, and in maintaining good health.

All forms of therapeutic and preventive measures have basically one aim: to support those natural processes that serve to maintain our health.


Treatments are designed and implemented in order to eliminate deficiencies in substances or energy; they are based on a broad application of methods that are able to affect physical-chemical interactions in very general terms (concentration of a substance, state of activation and reactivity, temperature, pH value, catalysts, and other such factors).

Of all these therapies, it is the non-invasive use of physical therapy with appropriate electromagnetic fields that is becoming increasingly important. By these means, electromagnetic field therapy concentrates on creating the type of energy environment that is needed in order to ensure chemical reactions are able to take place. These chemical-physical processes provide crystal-clear indications that the organism can better supply itself and dispose of waste, enhance its circulation, improve the activities of its cells in order to support and activate the body’s natural regulatory defence mechanisms. Thus promoting better sleep, reduced intake of harmful medication, pain relief, improved sports performance, a stronger immune system and better control of health and life!

If you would like to know how you could achieve any of these objectives, please contact Dr. H. Kistenich (Dr of Medicine) 

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