Friday, 29th May 2020

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DVD New releases & TV programs

DVD New releases & TV programs

Next month's DVD reviews will be brought to you courtesy of Movie World, opening soon in Sabinillas. Movie World Sabinillas and the original “Chocolate Bar” bring the cinema to your home! For information Tel: 697 590 275


ACCEPTED - Release date November 14th - Rated PG-13

High school senior Bartleby Gaines is on his way to scoring eight out of eight rejection letters from colleges, which isn't going to go over big with Mom and Dad. At least he's not alone in the exclusion. Several of his crew of outcast friends are in the same, college-less boat.
So how does a guy facing a bleak career please his parents and get noticed by dream girl Monica? Simple, Open his own university. Bartleby and his band of misfit freshmen take "liberal" arts literally when they fool their parents and peers and create the esteemed South Harmon Institute of Technology.
Accepted is in the usual genre of “High school” comedy flicks, so donÂ’t expect any laughs; it is American after all. 


The Da Vinci Code - Release date November 14th - Rated PG-13

The murder of the Louvre's chief curator puts his granddaughter, cryptographer Sophie Neveu (Audrey Tautou), and symbols expert Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) on the trail of an ancient, mysterious society founded during the time of Christ.
As the two unravel coded messages left for them at the scene -- including a treasure map that leads to the Holy Grail itself -- they find themselves entangled in a mystery that takes them from France to England, searching for clues in the very history of Western civilization.
Much has been said and made about, not only the film but the book by Dan Brown. The casting of this film puts Tom Hanks in the lead role and I find this a strange choice. Although, it is not difficult to see that the film does need a big star to help the rather thin storyline along. After all the hype, you may find yourself somewhat disappointed..




By the time T.V. programs are printed on local publications and seen by viewers, they are often out of date.

It is very annoying to look forward to a film or program to find out that it has been changed or replaced  hours, often days or weeks, before it is due to be shown.

Just click on the enclosed icon and check your "up to the minute" TV program as updated by the TV stations.

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