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Wonderful water

Wonderful water

Purewater can improve the quality of water in your home

When first moving to the Costa one thought will always be the water supply. What will the tap water be like? Will it be potable? Will there be enough of it? However, one thing we probably did not expect was finding our boilers collapsing in just 2 or 3 years, our washing machines, dishwashers, taps, bathroom fixtures and even our pipes all full of calcium build-up.

This is what we call ‘hard water’, and the Costa del Sol has plenty to offer. This is due to the type of minerals found in the ground of almost all of the Mediterranean coast. Water, being the most polyvalent solvent ever invented, just needs time to dissolve those minerals, mainly calcium carbonates, to become something undesirable not just to drink but to our electrical appliances and for bathing in.

Of course our perception of how ‘hard’ the water actually is depends very much on our previous experiences; if we just moved from a soft water area, say for instance most of Scotland, then we will find the water here unbearable, if on the other hand we came from a hard water area, then we may just find it ‘normal’, but it definitely is not!  

The actual costs of cleaning or replacing fixtures, the energy costs associated to heating water in boilers full of calcium or the repairs and extra maintenance needed, all amount to millions of euros for the home owners of southern Spain every year. So why don’t the water companies or even the authorities do something about it?      


 A cynical person might say that this is because of the potential revenue made from the constant repairs needed to goods and appliances.

So if you like to enjoy ‘wonderful water’ then it is entirely up to you to take action. Would you like to forget about cleaning the calcium deposits around the house? Would you like to use just 1/3rd or even 1/4th of the soap you actually use for your washing machine or dishwasher? Would you like to have a bath in wonderfully soft water that leaves your skin and hair soft? Then a water softener is the answer.

Fitting a water softener in the house makes an immediate difference. Water softeners come in many different sizes and types, from compact units as small as a personal computer, for an apartment, to huge industrial units and from relatively inexpensive units to sophisticated ones that work without having to add salt. Finding the right one for you will mean taking into account the amount of water you use every day and finding out how hard the water in your particular area is, as this is a factor that can change from one urbanization to the next. For this, a simple, free analysis can be ordered.

If you ever wanted better water quality in your home, contact a professional and take action, you can enjoy Wonderful Water even on the Costa!

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Wonderful Water

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