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Wii buy?

Wii buy?

NintendoÂ’s new games console makes a very timely appearance, according to R&B Ainslie

Nintendo's new generation console, which was formerly codenamed Revolution, is now simply named Wii. For the record, it's pronounced like "we," despite the different and deliberately odd spelling.

Nintendo announced the official name of Wii on April 27, 2006. The Wii brand is designed to accentuate the console's unique controller (as represented by the 'ii' in the title) and its ability to bring gamers of all types together, hence the name "we."

The Wii system is the fruit of a new Nintendo philosophy that is determined to emphasize original and fresh gameplay endeavours over dramatically enhanced graphic presentations.


Whereas both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are designed from the ground up, to deliver more detailed, high-definition graphics, Wii's biggest innovation lies with a potentially revolutionary new controller and not raw horsepower.

It is this controller, dubbed the Wii remote (or Wii-mote for short), which truly distinguishes the Big N's new platform from its competitors. The Wii system has been designed to be "small, quiet and affordable," according to Nintendo. The machine, available at launch in glossy white, is just 8.5 inches long, 6 inches wide and less than two inches thick (the exact dimensions are 157mm x 215.4mm x 44mm.) Nintendo is fond of comparing the system to the size of roughly three stacked DVDs.

Wii can be placed horizontally or vertically. The console is roughly twice as powerful as a GameCube, putting it in horsepower territory beyond Xbox, but well shy of the Xbox 360. Initially prices have been set in Europe for around €250 and with a launch date of December 8th, the Christmas market should provide hefty sales, even at the inflated launch price. Our advice would be to wait until after the Christmas rush, when, as with most seasonally timed new releases, prices may be a little more realistic. 

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