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Diamonds are for ever.

Diamonds are for ever.

Belinda Ainslie looks at diamonds as an investment

At its height, the Internet was making 60 new millionaires a day. As other new economy investors gained from this boom, the diamond market also benefited, as buying power increased dramatically. Diamond buyers have pushed prices up based on supply and demand principles.

Just as ancient man once used diamonds in amulets to ward off evil spirits; the modern investor can use diamonds in a portfolio to hedge against political turmoil and to resist the financial ills of inflation; all of which threatens to erode accumulated wealth. Many Americans have taken a page from our European ancestors who for centuries quietly and successfully invested in collectible quality diamonds to carry them through perplexing times.

Diamond investing is not for everyone. The investor should be aware that diamonds are not considered to be a short term trading vehicle and that money can be lost as well as gained. One should have a general understanding of the gem stone market before entering into a purchase agreement. 


Diamonds are the only precious gems with a clearly defined, internationally recognized evaluation process that allows independent verification. Thus a value for each individual gem can be as retained. The European Gem Laboratory, The Gemmological Institute of America and the American Gemmological Society are recognized exclusively around the globe as possessing the strictest grading standards. Every diamond you purchase from .75 carats upwards should be accompanied by a G.I.A., E.G.L. or A.G.S. certificate. These certificates add to the liquidity of your diamond, accept no substitutes.

Diamonds are a natural resource composed of 100% pure carbon. They are the lightest, toughest, smallest and most valuable substance known to man. History is replete with examples of royalty and people of wealth surviving natural and political holocausts and making a new life because they possessed the world's most concentrated form of wealth, investment quality diamonds.

Nearly the entire world trade in rough stones is controlled by one organization, DeBeers Consolidated Mines, a legal cartel formed in 1934. DeBeers sells diamond rough and maintains global prices by adjusting the supply of diamonds through their central selling organization. Because of this long standing control, a stable and orderly market is maintained. This fact has held true during recessions and inflationary times.

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