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Miles of smiles

Miles of smiles

How The Dentists are helping children to smile

The Dentists, with clinics in Sotogrande Galeria Paniagua and Estepona Centro Comercial Benavista find the time in their busy schedule to do valuable work for charity.

They are engaged with the charity organisation VEMDA, that is "The Voluntary European Medical and Dental Association". This organisation makes two trips every year to Cambodia to treat children’s teeth. Each time between 300 – 400 children get treated.

As well as dentists, doctors are also involved on the trips, to monitor the children’s health.

On the 30th of September Dentist Hasse Lundgaard and his assistant Gitte Mogensen started their trip to Asia, a charity raid by motorbike through the five countries, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, China and Vietnam. This tour is part of several charity projects, visiting a children’s home in each of the five countries.

The motorbike tour is the biggest project in the history of VEMDA and it is estimated to take seven weeks to complete the trip around the five countries. The distance is approximately 4000 kilometres in total.


Whilst Hasse and Gitte are in Cambodia, the Dentist Lotta Kure will join them there to assist. Hasse and Lotta together with some of last year’s students of the Phnom Penh dental university will treat patients in the countryside for one week, which means between 300 – 400 children will have their teeth checked. Without the help of VEMDA these small children would never have a chance to have their teeth checked and treated.

All expenses for the trip are covered by VEMDA and the Dentists themselves. VEMDA is a registered Spanish organisation, with bank accounts at Cajamar.

The Motorbike tour is sponsored by some 35 sponsors, who have each paid €150 Euros. This sponsorship is used to give small gifts to each of the homes visited in Thailand, Laos, China and Vietnam.

One selected home amongst the poorest in those countries will receive the major part of the money. The rest will be used for a trip for the children to the coast of Cambodia for a couple of days to give the children an opportunity to visit the seaside; some of the children have never seen the sea. We believe this will be something very beneficial for them.

Visit VEMDA: Or to make a donation contact

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