Tuesday, 2nd June 2020

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Local businessman to appeal and car for sale on Eboy?

Local businessman to appeal and car for sale on Eboy?

Local businessman “The Shopkeeper” is to appeal against a decision to close him down, put forward by the town planning committee.

“The Shopkeeper” who runs a costume hire business, has been accused of having various “worlds” in his back yard, without planning permission.

When asked, “The Shopkeeper” replied, “it’s only a small portal; how are my customers expected to hire a costume without having first tried it out in its authentic setting?”

The Shopkeeper is expected to appear “As if by magic” before the planning committee next week. 


Seen on Eboy?

Here we have for sale one Rolls Royce Silver Spirit first registered in 1992. Previous owners have tended to be professional people and as a result the car has done very little mileage and enjoying various periods off the road due to said previous owners being “away” the car has been gently used to ferry VIP’s about the place.

I took the car in part exchange for a municipal tow truck contract and am only selling in favour of something a little more discreet.

This is a real head-turner of a car and you will certainly attract plenty of attention in the Marbella area with it! The car has been used by a lady driver recently who has since opted for the quiet life and therefore has no longer need of it.

The model is called “Silver Spirit” although it does show an uncanny resemblance to the older model “The phantom” due to its ability to disappear and reappear at will. This is certainly a well loved car, so please bid accordingly.

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