Wednesday, 28th October 2020
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Feathered Friends

Feathered Friends

If you havenÂ’t room or time for a dog or cat, Lovebirds make interesting and low maintenance pets

Lovebirds are small Parrots and have many of the same characteristics and abilities of the larger breeds. They can mimic sounds and even talk like their larger cousins.

One advantage of Lovebirds over the larger Parrots (apart from the price) is that they are easier to house, because of their smaller size. It is also not true, as many people think, that Lovebirds must be kept in pairs. Although if you work long hours it may be advisable to buy a pair, as Lovebirds are very gregarious and need company.

If you do have lots of time to spend with an individual bird it is often the case that the bird will “bond” with its human friend and by so doing will be a very good companion and company. It is for this reason that Lovebirds make great pets for the elderly or for those who want an “interactive” pet, but lack the space for a dog, cat or other small animal.


Lovebirds have similar personality traits to that of the larger breeds of parrot and can often try to become “the boss” in their relationship with their owner. The way to deal with this is by gentle dominance training, using the same methods as those used for full size parrots.

There are many books available with advice for people wishing to keep Lovebirds and the internet has a great many sites full of information. Lovebirds come in a huge variety of colours and are an attractive little bird that can provide their owners with years of companionship.

Many people in this part of Spain live in apartments and it is for this reason Lovebirds make ideal pets. However, as with any pet, you must take into consideration the responsibility of ownership before you buy, although it is a lot easier to find babysitters for a pair of Lovebirds when you go on holiday, then it is for a dog or cat.

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