Saturday, 11th July 2020

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Yer but, no but

Yer but, no but

Should Marbella town hall draft in an expert on Social Security payments?

The interim committee at Marbella town hall are to receive 20 million Euros from the Malaga provincial government, to help with this years town council Social Security payments.

The town hall, it would appear, has been running up huge debts ever since the GIL administration and are now bankrupt. The regional government have agreed to lend Marbella 100 million Euros which will be paid back over 6 years. So why is the debt so big in the first place?

It is understandable that such huge sums of money have gone adrift following the fraud and corruption shenanigans, but by and large, the monies being moved about fraudulently were in the greater part, completely separate from the council coffers. If dishonest Juan A wants to do a deal with dishonest Juan B, then the chances are that neither protagonist will want to draw attention to themselves by meddling with government money i.e. Social Security funds.



The monies involved in the fraud at Marbella Town Hall were more in the way of “outside” misappropriated funds. Therefore, why the huge domestic bill? Marbella is not a poor area and has been in receipt of incalculable sums of foreign and domestic investment for many, many years. It enjoys high levels of employment and by and large the local population have a very good standard of living. Yet still the town hall is facing this massive Social Security bill.

Back in Britain, news of a massive Social Security bill would be no news at all and most regional councils in Britain have been bankrupt or in debt for years largely as a result of consistently high Social Security payments. So, why should the news of Marbellas financial upsets come as a huge shock to so many people?  Spain is no different to Britain in respect of the social and moral attitudes of its modern population and as we have back in Britain, so to in Spain will you find an element of “claimants” Spain has single mothers, long term unemployed, disabled, drug addicts, vagrants, alcoholics, pensioners and any number of other drains on its resources.

So, instead of scratching its head at the mystery of the Social Security bill, maybe Marbella should draft in a British expert on Social Security, you wouldn’t have too look far, but the top experts in the field are teenage single mothers, with at least two mixed race babies, a criminal record, a drink/drug problem, no education to speak of and a firmly held belief that the world owes them a living.

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