Thursday, 4th June 2020
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Summer style

Summer style

Now is the time to make the most of your terrace or patio

With weeks of long hot days and sultry nights still ahead our terraces and patios are still the place to be. So is your “outdoor room” up to entertaining?

Take a good look into all the corners and whilst you are at it consider the general condition of the tiling and paintwork. The outside of our homes can suffer a lot of wear and tear, but all too often gets less attention then the inside.

The height of summer may seem a bad time to embark on a complete make-over, but a general spruce up is a quick and effective way to prolong the party season for the patio, without having to take up valuable leisure time.

Start by moving potted plants and cleaning the places they previously stood; the chances are that the underside of plant pots will have collected leaves, loose soil, insects and general debris and if you have a collection of potted plants grouped together, then it is almost certain that the broom has missed the little spaces in between the pots.


Are your plants looking a little jaded? The remedy is usually a trim and a good tidy up; by snipping off the dead leaves and even giving the broad leaved plants a through dusting and wipe over, you will notice a real difference (as well as improving the health of the plants) however, don’t be too sentimental, if a plant is past its best, replace it.

You can change the look of the floor quickly and inexpensively by adding a bright new rug or changing an existing one; go for a brightly coloured rug to add a real summer look. Candles are another way to add a real party look and can be as festive or intimate as you like; go for groups of candles at differing heights for a really magical effect; we are lucky on the Costa by having a huge choice of places to shop supplying some really unusual candles and holders.

Painting the back wall of your terrace or patio can give it an instant lift, but if the heat is putting you off the idea of any form of decorating, then why not place some of your taller plants against the wall; as well as giving a different perspective, this may help to cover any areas that need attention.

By simply moving your plants to a different location, adding a splash of colour with a new rug and some imaginative lighting you can give your terrace or patio a whole new look and party on right up to the end of the summer!

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