Friday, 3rd April 2020

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Dreamboat Willie

Dreamboat Willie

It seems some people can’t stop “dreaming” about Disneyland popping up in Manilva. This month The Prickly Pair question the reasons why

The talk of a Disneyland theme park nestling snugly in the Manilva hills has been doing the rounds for so long now, it has almost gained folk legend status.

So exactly who is fanning the flames of Disney desire? Well, you have to ask yourself, who stands to gain the most from a giant theme park?

It is true that a Disneyland Manilva would bring a vast amount of money to the area and provide plenty of employment for the local youngsters, and the thought of some of the HerbertÂ’s from this village being made to wander about sweating all day dressed as a big ugly rodent, will, I am sure, cheer plenty of people up. Couple this with the fact that, in Disneyland Florida, you are unlikely to have Mickey Mouse tell you to “Vente a tomar por culo extranjero!” when you ask him to cuddle your five year old.

The people who stand to gain the most are the property owners in the region earmarked for the resort and as a consequence, the estate agents. It would seem that representatives for Disney have been pestered on many occasions to spill the beans, and like Chinese whispers, “we have no plans at present” turns into “yes, we will be auditioning for the part of Mickey shortly”.

Years ago, Spain was in the running for Euro Disney, but in its infinite wisdom the Disney Corporation finally settled on Paris as a venue; now, you have to ask yourself why did Disney choose the surely capital of the world over Spain? And the answer comes down, as always, to money. The French for all their faults are not stupid, and although I am sure it sticks in their craw to have Americans as bosses, they are more then willing to play host to such a massive money spinner. Whereas the Spanish set so many conditions on the deal, that Disney simply turned elsewhere.


But the rumour never went away and today there are fresh murmurs that some kind of resort is on the cards. Accordingto an interview in The Sunday Times recently Disney said it was in negotiations for various new schemes in Manilva, including a summer camp for children. Javier Sansierra, the executive who has been running negotiations with Manilva town hall, denied it planned a full-scale theme park like Disneyland Paris, operated by Euro Disney. However, officials in Manilva suggested a more ambitious project was being considered. “The discussions are well advanced,” said Lucy Fernandez, a town hall spokeswoman. So does Lucy Fernandez own property in the Manilva hills area, or is she maybe an estate agent on the side?

One of the conditions of the new deal is that Disney contributes towards the cost of a new motorway from Seville to the Costa del Sol, this is not a bad idea on the whole, but I do think that Disney should insist that the workmen building the road wear Mickey Mouse ears on the job!

Estate agents in and around the Manilva area may be praying to St Walt for some kind of Disney action, but I wouldn’t be running out to invest your life savings in the area just yet, after all, before Disney do give the ye or nay for Disneyland Manilva they are going to have a good long think about a multi million Euro investment being staffed by people who disappear to sleep all afternoon, have at least six weeks holiday a year, shout quite a lot and will leave sunflower seeds all over the “Magic Kingdom” .


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