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Looking younger at the dentists

Looking younger at the dentists

Now you can also have a skin smoothing treatment at The Dentists

Your Smile is the Secret to Your Success!
Just as in other walks of life, there are now a number of dentists in all parts of the Costa, however, just as in all other walks of life on the Costa, not everything is quite as you hear or see.

Lotta Kure and Anders Friman, who have been advertising in Web Express Guide for the last two years as “The Dentists” with one surgery in Estepona and another in Sotogrande, have made an excellent name for themselves on the Costa. It is not just a matter of general dentistry like removing teeth and plugging cavities; the true professionals will also give serious consideration at the overall cosmetic appearance of your “smile” and ensure that your smile is the smile of your dreams.

Lotta Kure and Anders Friman are the only dentists on the Costa del Sol accepted as members of The American
Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. As a matter of fact the only other two members in Spain are in Madrid. The  Academy is the largest international dental organization dedicated specifically to the art and science of cosmetic  dentistry.


Sometimes, however, while the smile may be at its best, its splendour may be shadowed by age, resulting in wrinkles on the face and particularly the upper lip. Lotta realised this so she explored the introduction of Restylane, as an additional service for patients, by trying it first on herself.

Restylane is a well known Swedish skin smoothing and tonic treatment with immediate results and no wait for allergy testing. Since 1996, more then two  million people in 60 countries worldwide have undertaken the benefits of Restylane. Once Restylane’s crystal clear gel is injected into the skin in tiny amounts with a very fine needle, the results are a long lasting greater fullness and resilience.

The secret is Hyaluronic acid, a natural substance already present in the human body. This plays an important role in giving fi rmness to the skin, shape to the eyes and lubrication to the joints. You can find out more about Restylane and any of the other treatment available at The Dentists by visiting their website or dropping into one of their clinics, located in Estepona or Sotogrande.

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