Sunday, 12th July 2020

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Señor Roca may be in the cooler, but what about his wine? The disgraced Marbella town council Soap Opera continues this month with the “Señor Roca’s fine wine” episode.

The story so far: Señor Juan Antonio Roca is currently languishing at His Majesty Juan Carlos’s pleasure, alongside his former boss Marisol “Matahari” Yagüe.

The couple, along with many of their entourage, were finally rounded up after a good few years of living the dolce vita on other peopleÂ’s money.

Now, you would think that was the end of it, but no, the farce continues this month with the arrival at the town hall of a bill for €855,149 for posh plonk. The interim committee (or between arrests committee) currently in charge at the town hall have refused to pay the bill claiming that “it is not part of the normal running costs”. You don’t say! Now there was me thinking that every town hall had a van full of Frenchmen bearing over priced, fizzy cats p**s turn up once a month and that €855,149 was the going rate for a council bar bill.


The company supplying the goods are Terres Vignobles in Carcassonne, France and the interim committee have asked them for a copy of the delivery note to see exactly when and where the stuff was delivered, but as yet has received no reply (that’s the French for you) so where is Señor Roca’s booze?

In the words of Poirot “let us examine the evidence mes amis” firstly, it is not beyond possibility that the company  supplying the goods are demanding payment with the intention of hanging on to the stuff (they are French after all). Secondly, the wine may not even exist and the €855,149 was to be nicely “laundered” under that guise and lastly, maybe the stuff was hijacked en route by Keith Floyd. In any way, the fiasco looks far from over and I for one am waiting with baited breath for the cheese bill! Salud!

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