Wednesday, 3rd March 2021

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Getting Physical.

Getting Physical.

Professional Fitness Instructor qualification course & world wide recognised certificate now available in Andalucia for the first time.

In general, people are now more knowledgeable about the benefits of exercise. It is a known fact that even regular moderate physical activity can help prevent and reduce the risk of many illnesses including cardiovascular disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. Regular physical activity also improves mood, helps to relieve depression and increases the feeling of well-being.

Working out in a Gym may make you feel fit and healthy but, unless you have the essential basics of exercise and fitness knowledge or a qualified instructor/personal trainer at hand, you may be doing more harm than good.
A course as a Fitness Instructor would allow you to plan a Personal Exercise Programme and Personal Lifestyle Management for your own benefit and would also set you on course for a new career in one of the most rapidly expanding industries in the world.

The first step to becoming a Fitness Instructor is to find a centre that is authorised to offer a recognised training programme as a Professional Fitness Instructor. The only approved CYMCA fitness training centre in Spain, offering a variety of health, exercise and fitness qualifications at all levels, is Mayfair Sports Academy in Bel-Air, Estepona.

CYQ, which is the Central YMCA Qualification, is recognised by REPs (Register of Exercise Professionals) and trusted worldwide by employers and insurers. To date, over 100,000 Fitness Professionals have trained with CYMCA and gained automatic entry to the Worldwide Register of Exercise Professionals.


Upon enrolment you will be given a Distance Learning Exercise and Fitness Knowledge Pack and Gym Training Pack or Exercise to Music. The study time is 52 hours and 62 hours respectively and you are allowed up to 90 days to complete. You may, however, complete the course in less time. Telephone support is available one evening per week throughout the course. When you are ready to take the theory exam and practical training, the Academy will advise you when the next examinations and training course take place. 

The practical instruction and exam is spread over three weekends. Upon completion you will have a new career as a Fitness Instructor.

Young people i.e. aged fourteen and over, who wish to take advantage of the fitness training programmes at Mayfair Academy can join the Alternative Sports, Skills and Study Curriculum where they will gain the Level 1 Certificate in Fitness Instructing alongside a portfolio of AQA unit awards, UK Governing Body Awards e.g. Heartstart, F.A. etc. whilst studying for the IGCSE examinations in year 11. Upon completion of this four year course, the student then has the option of progressing to University or entering the world of work as a fully qualified Gym Instructor / Personal Trainer

To find out more about the programmes available from Mayfair telephone 95 278 4923 or e.mail Mayfair at

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