Sunday, 9th August 2020

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Escape to victory

Escape to victory

Marbella town council form a world beating prison football team

With the latest arrest of Tomas Renones, the eagerly awaited final line-up for Alhaurin Prison FC can now be announced.

From his headquarters on the prestigious Jesus Gil wing, named after the former owner of Atletico Madrid Football Club and former Mayor of Marbella, Jesus Gil, who spent a little time there himself, another former Mayor of Marbella, Julian Munoz, has been given the prestige job of manager to the newly formed Alhaurin Prison FC, and is said to be very excited at the news that Tomas Renones will be joining the squad, he said “with this latest arrest we can finally field a team with some real “Form”.

Tomas Renones, himself a former Atletico Madrid player, is said to be delighted to be working with his ex boss once again and is looking forward to the first scheduled game against “Niñas Mal FC”, the women’s team.


Niñas Mal FC captain Marisol Yagüe, a former Mayor of Marbella, is said to be confident about her team's chances and recently stated that “prison has really improved the girls “Dribbling” skills, but she is said to be a little concerned that their “ball handling” may have suffered in the all female environment.

The final line up for the men’s team will see Juan Antonio Roca as captain; this is thought to be because of his skill at “taking corners” (of land) and the fact that he is very good “up front”.

Whatever the outcome of this first game, Alhaurin Prison FC can only go from strength to strength, especially with the recent 30 arrests at the headquarters of the executive of Marbella; watch this space!   

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