Tuesday, 26th May 2020

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Yes, this is the June edition, and no we have not missed a month!

Yes, this is the June edition, and no we have not missed a month!

Although it seemed that each edition was published during the second half of each month, in fact we were early for the following month (i.e. see: agenda, DVD releases, etc.).

We just had to make the adjustment and show the correct month that each edition is really intended for.

We are particularly pleased about the new Antiques section introduced by Malcolm Davidson who until recently was a Sotheby's valuer and is an authority on the subject. We hope you like the opportunity to find out about your own antique items and see what they might be worth for "insurance purposes".
The recommended Estate Agents page has been welcomed and we are pleased to introduce you to a few more.


This following the introduction of our new logo last month, we are in the process of redesigning our 3rd generation Portal. Anyone can design a web page. There is a lot more to creating a Portal than meets the eye so we now also introduce a professional, competitive and efficient Web Page Design and I.T. services with offices and technical support both in Spain the and U.K. You should try us and see the difference!

After four years of continuous hard work and lots of financial and other sacrifices, here we are: always the one and only true original Portazine© anywhere, created right here on the Costa del Sol to serve you, the reader as well as the advertiser.
After four years of saying what we do and showing that we do it, it should be obvious by now that, unlike many others on this Costa, we actually do what we say and that what we say is true.

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