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The male menopause

The male menopause

Europa Health Clinic looks at a few facts behind the fiction Men like to call “midlife, crisis”, they change their partner, but don’t change anything else.

by Helga Kistenich

They feel irritated, aggressive, very sensitive and depressive, get problems with their virility and become aware that “something” is not as it was before.

But a real man does not complain. So, with the remaining energy they continue working because “only idiots will visit the doctor for small troubles.”

But now, science has recognized that MenÂ’s hormone levels are subject to changes when they become older, as well as in women.

Scientists are convinced that diminishing hormone production is responsible for physical and emotional changes. This fact has been known in women for a long time, but ignored in men. Men may notice that their skin is subject to a monthly cycle.

From 40 years on, physical changes will appear more frequently. Typical symptoms are: lack of concentration, lower mental and physical power and intense sweating. Other symptoms include extreme obesity, especially in the abdominal region, loss of hair (alopecia), loss of bone density osteoporosis) and arrhythmias, a diminishing libido and increasing impotence.

Psychical imbalance is shown by aggressive or depressive behaviour. There is one big difference: Women come through all those changes easier, because they are capable of talking about their problems and find more attention in science and media. Men dislike talking about their physical problems, because it may be seen as a weakness, with the consequence that men canÂ’t solve their menopause problems as easily as women.


A visit to the doctor for an annual check up should be a must, because of the above mentioned reasons. In addition to the necessary physical examinations, the doctor can also determine the levels of  and estrogens. In special cases it could be advisible to determine parameters of the thyroid gland, levels of DHEA and other hormonal circuits.

After an exhaustive diagnosis the physician can start with a hormone substitution program. Unfortunately some people are relying on home testing kits to measure hormone levels. This means, especially in men, that a prostate cancer could be induced or an already existing carcinoma could grow faster. To avoid this threat, the doctor could administer DHEA, a precursor of testosterone, also achieving a better prophylaxis.

The use of estrogens parches in low dosage may end typical troubles like excessive sweating, or improve potency and psychical symptoms. Quite often a monthly injection of testosterone raises levels and improves potency. It can also be done with a testosterone crème. All of these treatments should be applied by a specialist. More and more men are trying certain substances or visiting beauty surgeons for liposuction.

During youth we demanded a lot from our bodies, at 18 years we are the product of birth and education. Now, in advanced age, we find that our body does not always obey anymore. We should learn to respect these facts, if we still want to enjoy our body and our life. In consequence we should do something.

At the age of 50, we are the product of our own actions. We are responsible for our physical aspect, our health, our way of life and our character.

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