Friday, 14th August 2020

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The art of Helga Kistenich

The art of Helga Kistenich

Helga Kistenich was born 26th of December 1948 in Ratingen Germany. She has been in Spain for nearly 10 years and has exhibited in Marbella, Guaro and Málaga.

As a member of the “Free Academy Den Haag, NL” she developed her personal style.

Influenced by GoetheÂ’s theory of colours and the contents of SteinerÂ’s anthroposophic school she acquired a high sensitivity for colours which is intensifi ed in her new works. She now shows her complete new works in the USP Hospital, Marbella.

Infl uenced by the landscapes of Andalusia with a change of style, after a mania of exploding colours to be observed in earlier periods she reduces to the essential in colour and form.


She follows the teachings of Prof. Heerich “to find the discipline in art”, via abstraction, the logical elaboration of the material and free from  emotional expression.

Without any titles and words, free from obligation to interpret, each work presents itself to the observer for a free encounter and an individual, emotional reaction. Her pictures can be seen between the 08/06/06 and 08/09/06 in the USP Hospital, Marbella. Th e artist will exhibit later in the Gallery Catalejo and in the Casino Marbella.

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