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Help make a child smile

Help make a child smile

The charity motorcycle raid in south East Asia takes place between 2nd October and 10th November 2006 and your support can make a difference to many homeless and abused children

Dr. Hasse Lundgaard became aware of the need for help in the very poor region of Cambodia in 2003, after being part of a dental voluntary project in Nicaragua; and in 2003 The Voluntary European Medical and Dental Association (VEMDA) was founded in Spain. Its main goal is to help children in the poorest regions of Cambodia, its future intentions are, with the assistance of Cambodian voluntary organizations SOBBHANA and ASPECA, to map out and assess aid required in the Cambodian countryside.

Previous aid efforts have been met with a very strong, positive response and VEMDA is very proud to have been a part of this cooperation, but according to VEMDA “We did not want to stop there” this year the charity wants to do something special for some of the children’s homes in Cambodia.


One week holiday at the beach for the children and their carers, from one of the poorest children’s home in Cambodia, as well as a bag for each of the children containing some clothing and other necessities. This is the reason for the charity motorcycle raid in south east Asia; all participants in the raid and other helpers for the charity pay all their own expenses, this means that 100% of the money raised goes to the children of Cambodia, where it is needed most!

VEMDA is looking to find 70 sponsorships of €150 for the project, this works out two sponsorships per day, during one of which your name /logo will be widely exposed. All the way along, the participants will be in contact with media in southern Spain, where your very much appreciated sponsorship will be mentioned.

�� To make a donation or for information on sponsorship:
VEMDA, (Charity Reg. Nº Reg No G92462431)
Edif. La Union 1&2, C/Colina del Mar, 11312 Torreguadiaro (Cadiz)
Tel: 639 278 816
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