Monday, 25th May 2020
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Eating outdoors

Eating outdoors

Barbeque season is upon us once more

One of the great pleasures of life is making the most of the sunshine and enjoying dining “Al fresco” , so now that spring is officially with us , why not scrub up your barbeque for the summer or even invest in a new one?

Barbequing is the method of cooking meat with the heat and hot gases of a fire, smoking wood or hot coals of charcoal. Not to be mistaken with grilling; cooking meat on a barbeque is a much slower method and the meat should never be exposed to a naked flame. For this reason, plan your barbeque well in advance of the arrival of your guests.

The barbeque should be lit a good while before the food is ready to go on and if you are using charcoal, this should ideally be showing white and giving off no flames.


The same applies for wood; although as wood burns quicker then charcoal and will need a lot more effort why not mix the two fuels together? This way you will get the wood smoke flavour without having to top up on fuel during the cooking process.

If you really can’t face the thought of building and maintaining a fire, there are some fantastic gas barbeques on the market. Top of the range models of gas barbeques will come with a whole host of features, including, electric ignition, rotisserie, glass hood and even separated cooking areas for meat and vegetables.

There is a certain snobbery in the world of barbequing and the purists will say that a gas barbeque is cheating, however, the idea behind having a barbeque in the first place, is to enjoy cooking outdoors; this is true whether you use gas or more traditional fuels. To really bring out the flavour of meat cooked over a fire; marinating the meat prior to cooking is an excellent way to not only tenderise it, but a great way to enhance the smoky taste.

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