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Let potential shine through!

Investors with a lower risk appetite or a shorter investment time horizon generally prefer a degree of certainty over capital, while seeking returns related to the performance of some of the world's stock markets.

Capital Secured Growth Funds:
Investors with a lower risk appetite or a shorter investment time horizon generally prefer a degree of certainty over capital, while seeking returns related to the performance of some of the world's stock markets.

  • One fund is designed to return your capital, will lock-in growth if it reaches 25% or 50%, and captures additional growth potential from the Dow Jones EURO STOXX 50 Index.
  • The other fund is designed to return your capital plus a minimum return of up to 11.5% at the end of the four and a half year term, with the potential for an even greater return based on the performance of the Nasdaq-100 Index.
  European Growth Fund Nasdaq Bonus Fund
Maximum return Your capital plus up to 324% (6% per month) - Sterling 283.5% (5.25%per month) - US Dollar 256.5%(4.75%per month) - Euro. The index would have to rise by the maximum monthly amount every month throughout the investment term to achieve this growth. This would be highly unlikely but shows that good growth potential is available Your capital plus an unlimited return, based on five locked-in potential bonuses.
Minimum return Your original investment Your original investment plus 11.5%-Sterling or 9.5%-US Dollar
Index links Dow Jones
Nasdaq-100 Index
Why these markets? Recent market valuations show that the index is trading near its five-year low, and well off its historical high of March 2000. This low value may represent an attractive level of entry for a medium to long-term investment. The index has performed well in 2003, increasing to over 22%, year to date, to June 2003. With the computer equipment, software, telecommunications and biotechnology sectors accounting for nearly 80% of the index's weighting, the Nasdaq-100 is well positioned to take advantage of the anticipated global upswing in the technology industry.
Potential for growth Maximum growth of up to 6% is accumulated each month. If at any point the sum of monthly performanceis 25% or 50%, that growth is locked-in and cannot be eroded. There is no limit to how much the index can fall each month.

Four annual bonuses:
11.5%-Sterling 9.5%-US Dollar

One semi-annual bonus:
5.75%-Sterling 4.75%-US Dollar plus index growth/falls which are then locked-in.

Currencies Sterling, US Dollar and Euro Sterling and US Dollar


European Growth Fund
Key Benefits

  • Maximum return of 324% for Sterling, 283.5% for US Dollar and 256.5% for euro at the end of the four and half year investment term.
  • Growth is locked-in if gains reach 25% and 50%, ensuring you receive a return even if the market subsequently falls.

Nasdaq Bonus Fund
Key Benefits

  • Minimum return of 11.5% for Sterling investors and 9.5% for US Dollar investors.
  • Your return is boosted by four annual and one semi-annual bonus of; 11.5% if you invest in Sterling (5.75% for the final six months)
    9.5% if you invest in US Dollar (4.75% for the final six months)
  • Bonuses are applied upfront in each annual and semi-annual period, and then increased by the lowest level of monthly growth, recorded that period. Negative growth will reduce your bonuses but, they can never be less than zero, and once calculated, each bonus is locked-in and protected, even if the index falls in later periods.


  • Four and a half year investment term
  • Tax efficiency - return paid at the end of the investment term, without the deduction of tax
  • Invest from £5,000, $5,000 or E5,000

Best Advice:
Recommended as a medium term investment, be prepared to hold the fund for the full investment term. Cashing in some or all of the investment before the term is up may not yield the original investment back in full. You should also be aware that this is not a guaranteed investment.

If in any doubt, seek professional financial and tax advice and always read any small print carefully to make sure you understand the investment properly.

The future is the key. It's not about making up past losses;
a bull market that goes on to new highs takes care of that. It's about positioning oneself to realise the things better times will bring.

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