Saturday, 15th August 2020

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Concrete Cancer

Concrete Cancer

A quick trip around the internet will tell you how beautiful Puerto Banus is; have you looked at it closely lately?

Back in the early 70s or even as late as the 80s Banus was “the place” to be seen and as a location to own a property was way out of reach for the average man.

By and large, prices in Banus have remained at a higher level to surrounding areas over the years and are still on a lot of people’s wish lists. So, having such a lucrative piece of real estate on their hands, the management company in charge of maintaining Banus, no doubt pull out all the stops in keeping Banus looking like the kind of place that understandably commands high property prices and high service charges. Well, no actually;


wander around practically any part of Banus nowadays and you will see evidence of neglect, damage to buildings and, most worrying of all, “Concrete Cancer”. The main body of the buildings that make up Banus were built back in the early 70s so you would expect to see a certain amount of wear and tear, but some  of the damage that you can easily see, is a little more severe then just age.

Banus hosts an estimated 4,400,000 million visitors every year add to that figure the amount of people actually living there plus those passing by in their luxury yachts and you can imagine the amount of revenue passing through Banus every year. So isn’t it about time a bit of refurbishment took place? After all, it is bad enough to shoot the goose that lays the golden eggs; how much worse is it to starve it to death? 

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