Thursday, 4th June 2020

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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

This month we celebrate our 6th birthday and look back at a few milestones from those years

If you had picked up a copy of Web Express Guide in May 2000, despite a few minor differences to today’s magazine, you would still recognize the overall look.

We started with a smaller size magazine (in fact we were among the first of the smaller size magazines) and although we have been copied over the years, to the extent that a great majority of the Costa del Sol’s free publications have now adopted our original size, we do still have that distinction of being the original.

The intention of the Web Express Guide was, and still is, to tell our readers that we are on line and although the guide itself is a powerful, instantly recognizable advertising medium, it is to our web site that the most change and growth has taken place since that first edition.

The pace of modern technology is such, that any business based on the internet even going back just a couple of years will have had to adapt and learn to keep pace with constantly changing trends and multi media marketing. Being the “old hands” therefore we have seen more then our fair share of change to the way the internet is used on a business and leisure or entertainment basis by a broad spectrum of users.

It is with this valuable information that we base our approach towards both the Web Express Guide and


In that first edition we clearly stated that the Web Express Guide was created with the intention of publishing monthly articles that can be understood by all, to encourage the use of the internet by all, to promote trade and business via the internet and to invite users and readers to contact us with their questions. Plus at the same time creating a local, classified web page directory, that will grow each month for the benefit of all, users and advertisers alike.

We have since that day striven to deliver just that, and where a great many magazines have come and gone in the mean time, it has been our firm understanding of our objectives and our dedication to providing a quality and enjoyable product that has seen us go from strength to strength whilst others have fallen by the wayside.

The world is a constantly changing place and even the span of a few years can see some quite amazing events, not all of them good. September 2001 saw the destruction of the twin towers in New York by terrorists; striking, as they did at the very heart of the world’s super power, was a wake up call to us all.

Closer to home, in January 2001 Spain said goodbye to the Peseta; it was hard for many Spaniards to let go of the Peseta after more than 130 years, especially as the introduction of the Euro saw inflation rise by an incredible 15% overnight! Spain suffered its own terrorist attack on March 11th 2004, when 192 people were killed and hundreds of others injured when bombers targeted busy commuter trains in Madrid. Little over a year later, on July 7th London saw a coordinated series of suicide bombings claiming the lives of 57 people and injuring 700.

The world will continue to have its shocking lows as well as its heartwarming highs and people will continue to be good or evil as long as the world keeps turning; we cant promise you we will be around for as long as that, but we will certainly be here for a good long while yet. So hears to the next half a dozen!

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