Saturday, 6th June 2020
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Top Dog

Top Dog

Dogpile claims to be the easiest way to find the best results from the leading search engines; is that just a pile of dogs? Belinda Cordell takes a little Rover around.

Dogpile was built to give users the best search results available on the web.

This is accomplished by searching all the most popular engines and retrieving the best combined results. The inspiration for this came when its founders discovered that different search engines often return different results for the very same term.

This lead to creating a way to bring the webs best search engines together in one place to deliver more comprehensive and relevant results. Every time you enter a term, Arfie (the dogpile dog) chases down the best results from the internets top search engines, including Google, Yahoo, Search, MSN, Ask Jeeves, About, MIVA and Look Smart.

Once the results are retrieved the innovative metasearch technology used by dogpile, goes to work removing duplicates and analyzing the results to help ensure the best results top the list.


Dogpile have recently added a “comparison view” feature, which lets you compare results from the leading engines with the click of a button.

The search results you get are a combination of the best sponsored and non-sponsored results from the top engines on the web. The ratio of sponsored to non-sponsored results depends on the search, but sponsored results are always clearly identified with a “sponsored” or similar designation.

Results will generally be listed in order of relevance as received from search engine providers. The specific ranking and mixture of sponsored and non-sponsored results will generally depend on the nature of your search. Like other leading search engines, dogpile primarily makes money from sponsored links and advertisements, this is to be expected, however, depending on the search you do, you may never see an ad or sponsored link, and according to dogpile: “We search the web too, and know the true value of finding the most relevant results while saving time”. Is that true, or are they just barking mad?

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