Sunday, 12th July 2020

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The most powerful antioxidant drink on the market

Every so often a new fruit or vegetable product comes along claiming to have all sorts of marvelous health benefits. On the whole these wonder foods fall somewhere short of the sweeping statements made by the makers. So, what makes one new product with some quite remarkable claims different from the rest? I was recently introduced to Zambroza, which is one such product; the first claim made by the makers is that it is “the most powerful antioxidant drink on the market” with this as your tag line, you would need some pretty powerful backup affirmation.

In general, the reason some of the other health drinks come in for cynicism, is that although containing a certain amount of concentrated fruit extracts, among the main ingredients is sugar, and quite a lot of sugar at that. Large quantities of sugar are added to make the product more palatable and instead of aiding good health, have an adverse effect; everybody knows that excessive sugar is bad for the teeth, fluctuation in energy levels and a whole host of extra work for the internal organs.

Zambroza however largely relies on the natural sweetness of its fruit content. The power of Zambroza is due to the special combination of ingredients which synergistically provide health benefits many times greater then the individual benefits of each ingredient, and it is this unique combination that makes Zambroza the finest antioxidant drink on the market.

Zambroza is made from the valued and exotic tasting Mangosteen and Wolfberry fruits from the Orient, which have been combined with the additional antioxidant power of red and Concord grapes, Raspberry, Blueberry, grape seed and grape skin, Applephenon and decaffeinated green tea extract.


The unique combination of all these ingredients have some remarkable benefits, including, anticancer effects, prevention of high cholesterol, antibacterial effects, antifungal activities and inhibitors of HIV-1.

All of these claims are backed up by some powerful and heartfelt testimonials; it is easy to be cynical every time a new product makes such claims,  however in the case of Zambroza, I think you may be a little more than surprised.

For more information on Zambroza contact Natures Sunshine, Brenda Marshall natural health advisor can be contacted at or visit

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