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The cheapest way to call abroad from your mobile

Elotek have long been market leaders in telephony in Spain and have always offered low cost calls.

Now Elotek have come up with another top product, called Elocall, with this new service its possible to phone land lines in the European Union from as little as 3.5 cents plus I.V.A per minute, the USA from 4.5 cents, plus I.V.A and Australia and New Zealand from 5.5 cents plus I.V.A per minute.

All countries and cities are covered and calls to mobile phones are also extremely cheap compared to normal prices.



Elocall is ideally suited to people who cannot get a land line connected and business people who find themselves away from the office a lot of the time.

This service provides private individuals and business people with the facility of not needing to rush back to the home or office to make that low cost call. It is simple to use and does not require you to change your mobile phone or operator.

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Tel no

Please e-mail back with your telephone no, as i have an account with you and the no i have does not work anymore

Rated: 3/5 (4th April 2008)

Editor's comments: I am sorry to tell you this company has gone out of business

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