Saturday, 11th July 2020

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Seen and not heard

Seen and not heard

Don't let your children spoil a night out for others who have left theirs at home.

You wouldn’t dream of dragging your children from pub to pub all night back home, so why do it here? Legislation governing licensing laws and opening hours for licensed premises has been through some massive changes in recent times; but one rule, whether a legal or moral requirement, still remains, and that is to keep your children under some sort of control.

In many parts of Europe and especially England, children are not allowed in bar areas after 7pm and only allowed into licensed restaurants for a limited number of hours in the evening.

The pub trade has had to adapt over the years and providing facilities for children with designated areas away from those areas serving alcohol, has been one move that a lot of landlords have had to adopt in order to keep up with a changing market and diff erent attitudes to parenting. If responsible adults want to take their children to premises serving alcohol at lunchtimes, then it could be argued that the state has no business preventing them.

However, we are not all alike, and responsible parenting does not sweep the board. It’s a sad fact, but some parents treat the raising of their children with little more respect or responsibility then they would the handling of a puppy dog; and in some cases rather less.

Th e effects of alcohol on an individual do vary,but as a rule and possible without exception, it is accepted that ones judgment is affected, often to the extent that crossing a road, which you would usually do with a measure of caution, becomes a careless and cavalier performance.

How much more dangerous and irresponsible does it become therefore, if you are also dragging a tired and fractious toddler in your wake? Holiday makers on the whole have a better approach to keeping adult and children’s entertainment separate;


this may have something to do with the fact that they are newly arrived here and haven’t had time to fall into the slapdash ways that some of the expat parents seem to adopt all too quickly.

There are plenty of English speaking babysitters available here and even agencies that provide this service, conversely, for cheaper then it would cost you in crisps and soft drinks for junior all night.

It is a supremely blinkered and arrogant attitude to stroll through life with the misguided belief that everybody else, including strangers, will simply smile indulgently at your child whilst it makes a complete nuisance of itself and more often then not ruins a night out for everyone.

Most bars at the weekend will be full of people having a well deserved night out after the working week, a lot of these people will have children of their own, so if there is a couple sitting alone together, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are childless, it could just mean that they are responsible parents, and have done the decent thing in providing their child with a babysitter whilst they enjoy a little time alone.

There will always be differences of opinion as to what is right and what is wrong in the rearing of children, but one thing most decent parents will agree on, and that is, when it comes to public places, “Children should be seen and not heard!”

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