Saturday, 15th August 2020

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On yer bike!

On yer bike!

Youngsters noisily tearing about on moptorcycles through narrow streets and bults up areas are a nuisance and a great concern for the safety of others.

According to EU law, motorcycles in Spain are subject to the same laws as other countries in the European Union; has anybody told them?

Spain on the whole has many good points and let’s face it; we wouldn’t be living here if it didn’t. But it would be downright naïve to pretend that it is an out and out Eldorado and top of the list of annoyances for those of us that live here on a permanent basis are the mopeds.

Moto’s, as motorcycles are called in Spain, are subject to the same laws as other road users, including the reflective jacket rule, which most sensible riders wear all the time anyway. The headlights must be on dipped setting during the day, and an approved crash helmet must be worn at all times, properly fitted and secured. Penalty points can be awarded for transgressors. Otherwise, the laws are similar to other EU countries.


It seems that every so often the Spanish police have a crack down on motorists and practically every roundabout will have a patrol car waiting to collar drivers not adhering to the rules. Why then do these same patrol cars sit idly by while any number of young Spaniards fly past on their mopeds clearly flouting every rule laid down for their own protection by the European government?

Spanish villages have for years been subjected to not only the noise nuisance created by them, but the danger caused by young inexperienced riders tearing around narrow streets and blind corners.

The Spanish are well known to be excessively overindulgent towards their off spring, but there does come a point when this blinkered overindulgence is actually placing their teenagers in danger, not to mention the many innocent and law abiding road users placed in danger as a result of this selfish attitude.

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