Saturday, 15th August 2020

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Enough of that!

Enough of that!

Reserve your right to vote, you might regret it if you don't.

Most of us living and working here on the Costa on a permanent basis have left our homeland because we had had enough of our politicians taking the p..s, probably more so than for the warmer climate.

We now live here, we work here and we own our home here in Spain, so we have the right to vote for the type of local government that best suits our purpose. Why don’t we do it?

Why do we let the likes of the mayor of Marbella and Manilva get away with what they have done? Apart from the embarrassment and the image that this projects to the rest of the world, such doings affect the economy and the value of our homes and investments. The recent events, seen by the rest of the world, simply discourage serious potential investors as well as existing investors who will do their utmost to distance themselves. If you can’t trust who is in charge, whom can you trust?



Enough of that! Let’s us choose whom we want to be in charge! No they are not all the same and in the case of Manilva there is an alternative to the use and abuse that us foreign residents have been subjected to, this will become very apparent in the next few weeks to follow.

So make sure that you will vote and most of all make sure that you are allowed to. The local elections will take place next year; you have until August to ensure that you are on the voting register. Go to the local council and tell them you want to be “empadronado”, it is very simple really, it is a question of confirming names and address and proof that you live in the district. 

Don’t miss your chance to be heard and properly represented; protect the value of your homes and your rights to them. Protect your right to vote! If you don’t you might regret you have not been allowed to vote.

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