Wednesday, 15th July 2020

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Summer Sandals

Summer Sandals

Its time to expose your feet again after the chills of winter.

After living in boots and shoes for a good few months it’s nice to dig out your sandals now that the sun is shining again.

But are last years old comfortable well worn favorites up to another airing this summer? Why not treat yourself to one or two new pairs?

The style and choice of sandals on the market this spring is amazing.

There seems to be a 70’s retro look going on for the fashion conscious with some really bright primary colours and the wedge heel making a comeback; also doing a welcome return is the natural leather, roman centurion style with wrap around thongs that lace up your leg; this is one look you can dress up for clubbing in the evening or wear for strolling along the paseo during the day and, with a choice of heels from completely flat to outrageously high, you should find something for any occasion.

Beaded sandals are very pretty and Spanish shops are full of really eye-catching colours and styles; yet again these are a dressing up, or down, essential and I have even seen the odd bride choose a pair of pastel coloured beaded sandals to complement a wedding outfit! Flip Flops are a good summer backup for beachwear, you can spend as little as a couple of euros for a pair of leather Flip Flops that will last you the entire summer; and you don’t need to feel guilty about throwing them away and replacing them when they start to look tatty.



High heel Flip Flops come in many styles and materials; this is a good way of exposing your feet and showing off your tan, although I wouldn’t recommend them if you are planning a day out that involves a lot of walking.

Whatever style you choose, make sure your feet look their best; after a lack of sunshine, your feet may be looking a bit milky coloured. Its not a good idea to expose any part of your body to the sun without a barrier cream in the hope of getting a tan as quickly as possible, so why not try a good quality, self tanning lotion to give you a little colour and a head start for the beach? There are lots of different types available; as with anything they vary in quality and price, but as a rule are a lot better then the orange effect self tanning lotions of the past.

Professional pedicures also vary in price from location to location, but is one little treat that is money well spent; a good pedicure is not only very relaxing but is a must for getting your feet looking their best ready for all that public exposure.

Finally, complete the look with a complimentary nail colour; if your feet tan easily, a dark colour will look striking against darker skin, but for the paler skinned, try a pretty light pink or even a clear lacquer.              

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