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Horoscope 21st March to 20th April

Horoscope 21st March to 20th April

See what we predict for you for the month ahead


ARIES  21-3 / 20-4

Its going to be an interesting month for you, complete with the possibility of a visit from the green eyed monster. If it shows up, don’t blame yourself; jealousy is in the air and has been for some time now. That doesn’t mean you did anything to cause it, or that you are responsible.
Your only defense is to be honest and stand your ground, explain what happened and hope after all they will understand.


Someone you are intimately involved with may be a bit cranky now, to say the very least. Does this mean it’s really over between you, Or that there’s nothing to be done about the currant situation? The first thing to do is to start up a conversation, calmly and gently, about the situation. Let them know you want to know what’s going on. However, if they don’t want to talk, there isn’t much you can do!

A loved one is completely out of control and irritated with you. Regardless of what you say, they may also not believe you. Yes, it’s going to be a challenging time, but you will manage to find the patience you need to get through it. Try pretending you are in their shoes, and this will hopefully give you that insight into how they are feeling. A little knowledge in this case could be a valuable thing to have.

You are not quite sure what’s going on with a friend or co-worker, but you know you don’t like it. They have been acting oddly for some time, but it seems to have come to a head right now. The one thing you are sure of, the anger and jealousy they are turning towards you is defiantly not deserved. Still, you’ll be able to put your hurt feelings aside and be rational. It wont be easy.

After all that shopping, you thought you were done; in fact you were praying you were done, for the sake of your wealth! But you have forgotten there’s someone’s birthday! and now, its time to start thinking of ways to let them know how special they are.
Well, hears a thought, why go over the top, when all they really want is your time? Plan a special evening and pick up a modest gift, you can’t go wrong.

You have just about had it with veiled comments and sarcastic remarks that have been tossed your way, far too often lately. Its family members that have been at it and regardless of how much you love them; you are ready to stop being nice and start fighting back. Well, good for you! Why put up with something you don’t deserve especially when you know its not something you would do to them?

This is one of those days when even you’re remarkable ability to make peace, restore balance and bring warring factions together, wont work. You may find it necessary to hide from the world, in fact just to keep your emotional sanity.
There is nothing wrong with that, after all you can only do so much and if others don’t cooperate, putting some distance between them and yourself, isn’t such a bad idea. Talking to an understanding friend is a good idea also. 

Its time for you to admit something; your values have changed. What used to be important, no longer matters. That means its time to make some changes, big changes; especially to the people you call peers. Fortunately you are more then ready, even if it means saying goodbye to people, things, or ways of life that were once the most important thing in the world to you.

Flinging a chair around the room won’t help, not permanently, anyway. Once you’ve done it you may feel a little better, but you’ll only feel guilty afterwards. People who know you well will recognize this trait in you. If you are trying to work something out between you and a loved one, hold back.

Someone you haven’t seen in a long while is trying to make trouble for you from behind the scenes. You have suspected this for a long time, but thought that they had moved away or been on a long journey. You may be right, but before you do or say anything that will put you in an awkward position, make absolutely sure.

A very close friend or a member of your currant peer group seems to be going out of their way to tick you off recently. At least that’s the way it seems to you right now. You are not just angry , you are furious, but before you let them have it with both barrels, just make sure of all your facts, its better to feel righteous than to feel guilty.

Those you look up to have been less then understanding lately, all of them it seems. That goes for family members, elders and authority figures in general. You seem to have been going out of your way and bending over backwards to do the things they have been persuading you are right. It has become confusing; what if this feeling leaks over into your more personal relationships? However, try to be patient, this will pass.

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