Tuesday, 4th August 2020
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You are unique!

You are unique!

Even if Google doesnÂ’t think so, Belinda Cordell does.

Someone out there is trying to find information about you right now, what happens when they Google you? My partner came up as several gay guys!

Information about someone else with the same name or a web site you donÂ’t control gets returned in search results for your name.
You may already have a personal blog with photos of your kids on it, but is this really the first point of contact you want your Google cold-callers to have?

Consider your nameplate site, your internet business card and publish contact and professional information in a context sensitive way that will help Googlers get a birdÂ’s eye view of who you are and what you do.


There are probably many people in the world with exactly the same name as you. Do what you can to “brand” yourself uniquely on-line, either by including your middle name, initial or using your full first name. Of course you want to use the name people will most likely use to search for you, but if you decide to go for a more formal form of your name, be sure to also use it as your Email from name and name on your resume and other paperwork.

Keep in mind, just because you build it, doesnÂ’t mean Google will find it, search engines will find your name plate site and associate it with your name, only if it is linked to your name on other indexed pages.

Oh, and by the way, I come up on Google as the ground floor of a Tennessee board of nursing building and a tenth generation Irish immigrant!

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