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Looking good in later life

Looking good in later life

Europa Health Care Clinic provides a biological health test

by Helga Kistenich

As long as a person feels young, physically and mentally fit, the question of care and prevention for life does not exist.
But when tiredness, exhaustion, loss of physical and mental capacity arises or when muscles and joints are painful, insomnia, sexual problems or other troubles appear, everybody should be alert, because these may be the first signs of a loss of vitality or that the general condition of health is decreasing.

The state of “health” normally does not switch suddenly into the state of “disease”, there is quite a long distance in time between the two states, until all symptoms of a disease appear and the doctor is able to diagnose correctly.

An outbreak of virus-influenza for example with the typical symptoms, as high fever, joint-ache, shaking-chill, etc. appears mostly a week after the infection. From the moment when the first malignant cells of a breast or prostate cancer start growing, till the outbreak of the disease, when the changes can be observed by mammography or ultrasound, between four to twenty years may pass by. It’s similar with Alzheimer’s disease, other malignant tumour, diseases of the heart and circulation system, diseases of the brain and several more.

To clear up this “blind spot” within our health and to obtain tools to find out and prevent from diseases, a test was developed, the “Bio Ageing®”Test, by Prof. Dr. med. A.S. Wolf (MD), consisting of the following points. (Since the 1st of May 2004, this test has been carried out in the “Europe Health Care Clinic”.)


  • There will be given a general questionnaire about the state of health with complete anamnesis of family problems, activities and earlier diseases, to get results about the general situation of life.
  • Test of the lung function (spirometry) and oxygen partial pressure give information about the body’s oxygen supply, the base for a healthy body.
  • Test of function and mobility of muscles and joints in combination with a daily profile of the physical movement, to measure the body’s general fitness.
  • In addition, the heart and the circulation system is tested.
  • Reaction-speed, the capacity of concentration, test of memory, together with audition and vision belong to this general health check up.
  • today everybody is aware of a healthy nutrition. Because of this reason the test contains also the measurement of the body’s composition (fat, muscles, water) and includes the diagnosis of the present state of nutrition, to show where an eventual lack of nutrition might exist.

The Bio-Ageing-Test gives you the information about your biological age. Now you can find out if it’s true when you say: “I feel myself as old as I am”.

This test gives everybody the possibility to control his or her actual state of health and to act in time, when the first symptoms of a disease appear.

We recommend this extensive test every two or three years.

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