Tuesday, 26th May 2020

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Self Defence

Self Defence

New classes at Bizzybodies, Frankie Hatton teaches self defence

So we live in a good neighbourhood, smart in fact. All that “street” nonsense from the city, and the evening news is well out of sight so what do we need to learn self defence for?

Three good reasons, Fitness, Self-Confidence and improved Posture.

Fitness needs no explanation, but Self defence classes include something else too, not just improving the function of muscles and joints, but of the brain too. Since this takes place in a more dynamic format than say Pilates or Yoga,  it may be  just what you’re looking for.
Confidence and Posture go hand in hand.  Something that makes you feel good makes you ‘walk tall’.


Luckily the streets around here are pretty safe and we are relatively free from danger lurking under every bush. However, even those of us who enjoy life here in the sun do travel to other countries and cities where things aren’t the same. A course in Self defence can equip you with the awareness and basic skills to avoid and if need be, extricate yourself from an unpleasant situation calmly and safely.

The key to success is confidence. This is something we all lack from time to time. The natural ability we had as children to make friends is just about self confidence, it tends to recede as we grow up but it doesn’t disappear, a Course in Self Defence can help it resurface.  So even if you never have to use the skills you learn on the to protect yourself physically, your self esteem, confidence in your own abilities and your inter-personal skills will all get a lift as a matter of course.

So why learn Self Defence? Because it gives you the edge!   

Four  week Self Defence Courses begin at Bizzybodies, from March 1st with instructor Frankie Hatton (of BFBS fame).  Places are restricted and a waiting list system will be adopted for ensuing courses.

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