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The WXPG Food Review - Looking Back!

The WXPG Food Review - Looking Back!

This month we will be looking back over the past year and re-reviewing some of our past featured restaurants

by Edwin Gladstone

The food reviews are not advertisements. We visit a different restaurant every month, we pay for the meal and we comment and give points as honestly as we can for the benefit of our readers.

In May we visited Restaurante Barbesula in Cortijos Los Canos Sotogrande.
We knew that on this occasion it was not going to be easy to vote for each dish as we normally do, and it was not! How could it be when every single dish is so skillfully prepared, with the sole intention of making an unforgettable impression on the dinners? This is probably one of the few top restaurants on the Costa del Sol, with a consistently high standard in food quality, service and ambience. Defiantly not the place for a quick meal, if you like your food and want to spend some quality time with your favorite people, Restaurante Barbesula is highly recommended. From what we saw by way of attendance on a Wednesday evening, there would seem to be a number of regular gourmets that would agree.

Back in March we reviewed The Slow Boat to China Puerto de la Duquesa.
This is a family run restaurant and probably one of the best Chinese restaurants we have eaten at anywhere. It is not surprising that it can get very, very busy, however, no matter how busy, no one gets left unattended.
Chinese restaurants are an economical way to eat out, but when you also get a good friendly service, good food, good choice and all at a reasonable price, it is even more than a bonus, we recommend it. Don’t forget to ask for your chopsticks!

November found us in Flaherty’s Irish bar in Puerto Sotogrande.
We rather liked the idea of trying this establishment which is clearly successful in other parts of Spain including Seville. Overall it makes a most pleasant change from the usual bar meals and conventional restaurants that are everywhere. You can have your pint and pub atmosphere if you wish, or you can sit outside looking at the view offered by the Sotogrande port, but you can also have a pretty good meal in an environment that reminds of home and that is often missed.
There is nothing that I know quite like it from this side of Marbella to Sotogrande.


In September we visited an old favorite of ours Massala in Sabinilla.
It is not often that one can find an Indian restaurant that can cater for the English diner and that is because the owner has a well known restaurant back in Suffolk, that has been popular for many years. We found that the food quality as well as the service were very good and the price quite competitive for this type of restaurant. We were pleased to discover a take away service was also available.

October finds us back at Cortijos los Canos and this time Restaurante Fabiola.
In short, a very pleasant experience, No parking problems, a superb location and well received by the staff. We were served with the speed you would expect at lunch time and every dish was a character of its own. The portions were just right, we felt satisfied but not bloated, which is how one should feel after a well prepared meal. What is more it was not even expensive! In Marbella this would have cost two to three times more. This restaurant is well worth a visit, even if you may have to travel a distance.
August/September we tried something a little different and opted for a breakfast review at Kempinski’s breakfast room at the Kempinski Hotel in Estepona.
We went there on a Sunday morning and found it was a very nice way to enjoy a family breakfast in pleasant surroundings. It seemed to be quite popular and I can’t say I am surprised, as it was excellent value for money at 23 euros a head and half price for children.
I think it may also be worth considering having that business meeting over breakfast, rather then lunch or dinner, not because it is cheaper but because it is better to deal with business and get it out of the way in style, early in the morning, leaving the rest of the day available for more directly productive tasks. Thoroughly recommended!

April we reviewed The Tunnel in Gibraltar.
We were pleased to have decided to try a restaurant in Gibraltar, but we were even more pleased with the choice of restaurant we made. The atmosphere was excellent and it was busy, the food was very, very good and what is incredible is that despite the expected level of noise (because of the number of people and televisions) we did not feel affected and we conversed as one normally does. Certainly worth a special trip to Gibraltar.

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