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Smoking Ban, News on Tourism & the Mayor of Marbella refuses to pay her bill.

Smoking Ban, News on Tourism & the Mayor of Marbella refuses to pay her bill.

A few items of news to keep you interested.

Smoking ban

From 1st January 2006, it has become illegal to smoke while working in any office or work place of any kind as well as in public places and restaurants or bars of less than 100 sq. metres. (bars & restaurants of less than 100 sq. metres can elect to be smoking bars).

There is no smoking in restaurants and bars of over 100 m2 exept in a special smoking area, which they must provide.

Smoking in the toilets is also not permitted.

This seems to be taken rather seriously with an imposition of fines that vary from €30 to €600 for the individual worker and €600 to €10,000 for the person in charge at the time (not the company or owner). Undercover, random inspections will be carried out. 

Naugty, Naughty!! 

The Copasur construction company has started legal action against the Mayoress of Marbella, Marisol Yague over an unpaid bill of nearly 2 million euros.

Ms Yague explained that she is refusing to pay, claiming that the bill is “exorbitant, excessive and completely unrealistic”. Work began on her property in the summer of 2004 and continued until the contract was dissolved in August 2005. Spokesman for Copasur, Angeles Munoz claimed “Unfruitful attempts on behalf of the company to reach an agreement with their customer”.

All these shenanigans beggar the question, if Ms Yague conducts her private affairs in this manner, then how does she carry-on in her role as figurehead for Marbella? 



We are informed that according to a survey carried out by Frontur, under the instructions of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce, Spain hosted some 52,4 million foreign tourists in the course of the first 11 months of 2005. This is stated to be a new record that represents an increase of 6.2% in respect of 2004.

It is also stated that the U.K. yet again represented the majority with a growth in arrivals of 2.8%, a figure placed at a total of 15.2 million.

The U.K. is followed by a renewed interest from Germany with 9.4 million visitors and, surprisingly, France was in 3rd place with a significant increase to 8.3 million visitors.

Of the total, some 61% of visitors were not on a holiday package and 73.2% travelled by air.

Interestingly enough, the report says that 63.1% of all international visitors stayed in hotels while the number of non hotel residents showed a more intense growth by 8.8% to a total of 19.1 million of visitors.

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