Monday, 13th July 2020
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A New Year a New You.

A New Year a New You.

After the festivities of Christmas and the New Year have passed many people decide to take some important decisions about their health, according to David Mc Collum.

Many new years resolutions include, stopping smo-king, getting fit and losing weight.

The first step for many has to be detoxing the body; a detoxification program is tantamount to giving the body a good spring clean. Many weeks, months and years of accumulated toxins get stored in the bodies preferred waste dump, the fat cells.

Stopping alcohol, caffeinated drinks and sugar will stop adding to the problem, but removing the stored toxins is a much more difficult proposition.

The body utilizes many different systems to get rid of toxins, the primary ones are the liver, kidneys, digestive tract, skin and lungs.

After exposure to excessive toxicity for a long time these organs may not work as efficiently as they ought to.
Sudden detox can therefore have quite drastic effects if these organs are not fully supported.


The rapid release of toxins may often lead to a Healing crisis, called a Herxheimer reaction; the patient may experience headaches, chills, fevers, bloating, blocked sinuses, runny nose and diarrhea amongst other symptoms.

To prevent this it is best to see a fully qualified professional practitioner who can advise on the most appropriate herbal homeopathic products or nutritional products to facilitate the process.

The practitioner can also advise the patient on which is the most suitable dietary regime for the patient to follow.

Indeed it is advisable to get certain specialized diagnostic tests such as Biological Terrain Testing (BTA) and Bioenergetics Stress Testing (BEST) performed before embarking on a detox program. This allows the practitioner to carefully monitor the progress of the patient and facilitate the required end goal as safely and quickly as possible.

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