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Shaping up

Shaping up

After the excesses of Christmas, it's time to shape up and get fit for the new year.Web Express Guide covers all things physical this month.

With the Christmas and New Year celebrations over for another year, now would be the perfect time to start a new fitness regime. Here in Spain the warmer weather is never far away and before you know it , it´s time to dig out your beach wear and in particular that all revealing bikini. Depending on how excessive your Christmas celebrations have been, it’s possible that you could have increased by two dress sizes.
A good way to kick start a new health scheme is to give up smoking, we all know the negative health and fitness implications of smoking, but being told a thing is bad for you  isn’t always enough motivation to actually go ahead and quit.

There are many clinics offering help with a whole host of mind and body treatments, but finding a reputable and qualified practitioner can be difficult; this month Web Express Guide has visited and spoken with some of the best therapists on the coast, covering a whole range of treatments.

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese remedy for many minor to severe conditions; over the years many thousands of people have been successfully treated for allergies and addictive habits using acupuncture. This is a branch of medicine with a loyal following of patients in particular those suffering from eating disorders or wishing to give up smoking, something that more conventional medicine has had less success with.

Natural medicine offers a very real alternative to those seeking a more organic approach to medical care; practitioners of natural medicine have been around for thousands of years and still have a very real place in modern society. Stories of cancer patients making recoveries, after conventional medicine has exhausted all avenues are not unusual and only go to reinforce the position that natural medicine still has in the modern world.

It is important however, to find a qualified practitioner, it is not unknown for fraudulent clinics to exist and unscrupulous, unqualified doctors do operate all over the world.
This is one reason why natural medicine may have been given a bad press in the past; do check the credentials of any clinic you may visit.

The Marbella Physiotherapy & Natural Health Clinic is run by Dr David Mc Collum and treats a huge range of disorders, including Allergies, back and neck pain, constipation, IBS, fatigue, hormonal problems, sports injuries and many other health related problems. With many years experience as a doctor of natural medicine, David Mc Collum is a highly qualified practitioner and will provide a full health check and valuable advice for anyone wishing to embark on a whole new fitness lifestyle. Before starting any diet or health plan it is important to seek the advice of a doctor, especially if you need to lose a lot of weight and will be altering entirely your eating and exercise regime. 


The Garden Medical Surgery is run by Dr Borsani and offers a medical service for all ages. The success of losing weight depends on getting the right professional advice and a good doctor can explain all the medical implications of a number of health threatening conditions. It would be wise therefore, to get a thorough examination before making any drastic changes to your lifestyle.

Men and very active women need up to 2.500 calories a day, but less active people of either sex need only somewhere in the region of 2.000 calories a day. A safe plan is to aim to eat 300-500 less calories a day; this should help you achieve a weight loss of 1-2 pounds a week. Weight management is about long term success, people who lose weight quickly by crash dieting or other extreme measures, usually gain back all the pounds they have lost because they haven’t permanently changed their habits.

Exercise is important to burn up calories and tone up the muscles, losing weight alone will not give you the body shape you always wanted. Beginning an exercise program is confusing at the best of times, it is worthwhile therefore, to get advice from your doctor, especially if you’ve been diagnosed with heart problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, pregnant or if you have been fairly sedentary for over a year.  
After you set your goal, find out how to reach it, enrolling in a good gymnasium or fitness centre is a wise choice.

Try to make exercising fun; at Bizzybodies, you can chose from a whole host of exercise programmes, from Fitness Pilates to Yoga and even Salsa dancing classes.

Fully qualified instructors are available at all times and you can choose a class that is right for you and more importantly, one that you really enjoy. The chances of successfully achieving your goals are far greater if you are doing something you enjoy.

Finally, keep in mind that, you didn’t get out of shape over night; so by the same token, you will need to work hard to get back into shape. By choosing a good fitness class, seeking the advice of a doctor and sticking to a healthy eating plan you stand every chance of having the body you always wanted!

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