Friday, 14th August 2020

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Interesting News & Sites

A roundup of interesting information


CONTINUING WITH THE COMPANY’S TRADITION, PAN INGLES have sponsored another local club in their on-going support of the local community. Club “Los Leones de San Roque” are a keen and enthusiastic young cycling club needing the valuable assistance provided by leading local bakers, Pan Inglés. It is a competitive and dedicated cycling club and they would not be able to compete in the Region’s event without the financial support. All newly kitted out they look very smart and professional and they hope that now they can really make a good name for themselves and their backers, Pan Inglés.


 IT IS ONLY A FEW MONTHS OLD, But may well go places. Working in conjunction with Al-Andalus, who have a very powerful transmitter in Marbella, Marbella Channel, unlike most other local TV stations, are in a position to transmit a strong signal, resulting in a good quality picture . They state that reception is available in most places on the Costa and parts of North Africa simply by tuning your TV on to channel 38 . At week-ends the transmission is supplemented by satellite, thus reaching some 42 Arab Countries. Although the program is currently in Spanish and it lasts some 90 minutes daily from 2 p.m., they are planning to extend the time as well as the reception are to the rest of Europe. English will also be introduced shortly .


STILL ON THE SUBJECT OF VIRUSES, “Ontrack” at claim that they provide a solution for recovering data lost through a virus. They state that the system is self booting in case the virus is one that damaged your boot system on Windows 95/98, NFTS and Windows 2000 . If anyone has tried this, perhaps they might like to get in touch with us and share their satisfactory or unsatisfactory experience, as the case may be, with other readers .





It ’s all the same the world over, perhaps even more so when speaking of car dealers . Though it refers to situations across the Atlantic this site is particularly interesting and even amusing. It certainly seems familiar in many respects. If you intend to buy a new or second hand car, get wise and learn a few tricks at:




Plastic Surgery has reached the Internet! If you wish to remain anonymous or require a second opinion, you can try and if you have a video conferencing software you can pre-arrange an appointment for a live consultation. You can even ask for an estimate of what your needs may cost . Useful stuff, but it is not free!




Do you believe in fortune telling? And Fortune Cookies? They are from China. In Japan they do things different, if you want your fortune told, just pay a visit to:, they can tell your fortune quite simply by the type of sushi dishes that you choose and in which order. No, I am not joking, it is really there!

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